Do not subscribe to webe Mobile or webe Broadband due to scam & violation of Malaysia Personal Data Protection Act on top of lousy customer service

webe Marketing Team Called Personal Number to Up-Sell Additional Services to Existing Customers in Violation of Malaysia Personal Data Protection Act

I was shocked to receive a call from 0374523554 to my personal Digi number yesterday who said that she was from webe marketing and asked if I wanted to purchase additional supplement line. I declined and rejected webe’s up-selling. Immediately I logon to my webe account and under the preferences I saw that I never allow webe to contact me for Advertisement & Promotion.

I was surprised that webe (now under TM) is so desperate to sell additional services to existing customer until violating Malaysia Personal Data Protection Act like nobody’s business.

A few hours after I rejected the marketing offer my webe service was suspended. I received an SMS from 63001:

RM0.00 webe: We suspect yr a/c 200088xxx is abused due to using Mobile Service in non-Mobile device and we will be suspending yr services. Pls get in touch with us.

And then another SMS:

RM0.00 webe: Hi. While we’re processing your request, you can use this no: C-4627xxx for A/C 200088xxx to check for updates on your case.

Webe’s Misleading Advertisement & Promotion - Lying & Cheating Customers

webe spammed my email inbox with multiple marketing emails regarding Free 1GB internet tether per month for existing user. However I was not able to use the free 1GB tether. Instead webe now suspended my service while my account balance is still showing RM606 with RM500 credit limit.

When I contacted webe customer support live chat, the person in charge was totally unprofessional and slow. When I asked why every time after I typed he only responded after 5 minutes he said

My apologies, kindly hold on a little while because I am handling multiple chat now:(

What?! Chatting with multiple customers at the same time is this webe customer service’s SOP? Totally unprofessional and unacceptable.

When I asked webe regarding my account suspension, webe claimed:

Please note that we need the Statutory Declaration from the Commissioner of Oath and also a copy of your IC to be emailed to

When I asked why are these two needed to unsuspend my account? The customer support said:

we need to confirm the contact number and e-mail address.

Seriously wtf!? Why do webe need to confirm my contact number and e-mail address when their marketing team already called my contact number to reach me earlier to promote webe services and webe sent monthly statements to my email for the past 6 months? Totally nonsense excuse!

Please report to MCMC if you receive unsolicited marketing calls from webe

I’ve reported mine but MCMC will only take action like fine and warning if lots of webe customers make the same report.

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