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Pizza Hut Wow Take-away Personal Favourite New Flavour: Pizza Boom / Pizza Bakar aka Burnt Pizza? (RESOLVED) 3 May 22, 2017
Webe violated customer privacy and then blamed its parent company TM for it #boycottwebe #report2MCMC 1 May 12, 2017
Webe Mobile misleading scam marketing on Facebook ad trying to cheat customers with false promise of RM49 price & free hotspot #boycottwebe #report2mcmc 9 May 17, 2017
Do not subscribe to webe Mobile or webe Broadband due to scam & violation of Malaysia Personal Data Protection Act on top of lousy customer service 4 May 16, 2017
Do not buy from 11street Nestle official store due to TA-Q-BIN slow delivery & missing parcel (RESOLVED) 2 May 12, 2017
MyDigi Mobile App Free 1 GB Internet Data Quota Scam: Digi's Customer-Deceiving Practice & False Advertising (RESOLVED) 6 May 10, 2017
Video: Heartless Boss of a Restaurant Opposite UTAR Sungai Long Punishing His Disabled Staffs by Ordering Another Staff to Brutally Hit Them Repeatedly 1 May 9, 2017
Disgusting Malaysian Guy Human-Booked 1 Utama Car Park Parking Bay to Reserve for a Datin 1 May 9, 2017
Do not trust Uber driver by leaving your valuable belonging like handbag in the car 1 May 9, 2017
Videos: Many Rats Spotted @ Secret Recipe Universiti Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC or PPUM) 2 May 2, 2017
Money Game CYL, Richway Global Venture & BTC I-system Forex Schemes Scam Falling Apart After JJPTR 1 April 30, 2017
Lenovo Sunway Pyramid Scammed & Cheated International Student Wanting to Charge RM150 Fees Just for Checking Laptop 4 April 28, 2017
Violent Astro GO TV Commercial Video Ads Backfire on Social Media Among Malaysian Astro Subscribers / Viewers 4 April 26, 2017
Money Game JJ Poor to Rich (JJPTR) Ponzi Scheme Scam Game Over 1 April 24, 2017
Chinese Couple Using Winning Contest Prizes as Bait to Scam Shoppers with Credit Cards @ Tesco Mutiara Damansara 2 April 12, 2017
Uninformed shoppers stuck in car park jam for more than 1 hour when MyTOWN Shopping Centre closed 3PM on a Sunday (9 April 2017) due to power outage 4 April 10, 2017
Do not buy Tati Skincare 5 in 1 & Lyanaz Beauty Care products which are banned by Brunei’s Ministry of Health 1 April 9, 2017
Malindo Air required flight attendant walk-in interview candidates to strip down to their bras which is a totally unacceptable practice 4 April 7, 2017
Rat Video Captured @ AEON One Utama Went Viral on Social Media 5 April 4, 2017
Rude & Unethical Doctor @ Klinik Mediviron Puncak Jalil 1 March 24, 2017
A 20-year-old Student Suffered Injury During Sunway Pyramid Escalator Incident - Management Then Blames Misuse of Escalator by Shoppers as the Cause 4 March 8, 2017
Rat Infestation @ Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) 2 February 1, 2017
Do not book Malaysia Airlines the worst airline in Malaysia for cancelling flights due to overbooking and worst customer service 2 January 28, 2017
Never buy StarMart Express Bus ticket or you will get bitten by bed bugs 2 January 15, 2017
Beware of taxi drivers refusing to use meter and overcharging extrobilant fares 3 January 15, 2017
Taxi Driver Scam: KLIA to Segambut Costed RM1,334 Taxi Fares 3 January 15, 2017
The Body Shop Malaysia Chinese only Vacancy Ad was Racist 2 January 15, 2017
Hot Milo with Cockcroaches McDonald's @ AEON Seremban 2 2 January 13, 2017
Maggots Found in Chili Sauce Old Town White Coffee @ Giant Nilai 2 January 13, 2017
Do not buy the new MacBook Pros released in 2016 due to inconsistent battery life problem (Update: Apple has fixed the battery issue via MacOS software update) 2 January 13, 2017